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Villisca Iowa Ax Murder House

 Four members of Sanity Check stay the night on Friday the 13th in historic Villisca Iowa Ax Murder House.

Mabel Tainter Theater

Sanity Check Paranormal Investigators Cottage Grove, MN. Mabel Tainter Theater Investigation 12/06/08     Investigation: Mabel Tainter Theatre, Menomonie WI. Case No: MT0003 Date: 12/06/08 Time: 8:00 p.m.- 4:00 a.m.   Participants: SCPI – Ken, Melissa, Steve, Christy, Dan, Deb, Brian, and Nancy HPT – Tim, Judy & Erin   Conditions: Moon: Half Moon Weather: Clear Sky, Temperature 12 degrees, wind 7 mph Background Information:   The Mabel Tainter Memorial Theatre was built out of love and dedication →

Ellsworth, WI Barn Investigation

Ellsworth, WI Barn Investigation In August of 2008 Sanity Check Paranormal Investigators was contacted by an individual who had information on some property in Ellsworth, WI that has had a history of paranormal activity. This individual knows of a young lady whom used to live on the property and has experienced the activity first hand. The young lady (who will remain →