Ellsworth, WI Barn Investigation

Ellsworth, WI Barn Investigation

In August of 2008 Sanity Check Paranormal Investigators was contacted by an individual who had information on some property in Ellsworth, WI that has had a history of paranormal activity. This individual knows of a young lady whom used to live on the property and has experienced the activity first hand. The young lady (who will remain nameless) no longer lives on the property but was located through research by the local court house. The young lady was contacted by Ken who later agreed to hold an interview with him via telephone. During the interview that lasted several hours and two different  phone calls, the young lady spoke about her experiences while she lived on the property from December 1996 through April 1997 ( approximently 5 months ).

The young lady and her daughter who was three years old at the time, had moved their mobile home on the property and paid rent. The property consisted of farm land with a old house that had been destroyed by fire and a free standing barn. Things started to happen immediately upon moving in. She began to notice her daughter talking and playing with another child that did not exist. Well not in her eyes. Her daughter would talk about another little girl that would visit her and play with her. She also mentioned a older lady and a man would come see her. There were times when several pictures would fly off the wall and land on the floor. She remembers picking up the pictures and hanging them back up only to find that they would be thrown from the wall once again. This seem to happen almost daily. At night she would notice bright balls of lights that would come out from the barn and move up towards her house and up the driveway and then disappear. She recalls feeling as if someone is in her house watching her throughout the day and night. It got to the point that she ended up calling a physic from Minneapolis to come visit her home for some explanation.

A team of three physics came to visit. They claim that there used to be a house that sits on the exact location of her mobile home. This house was owned by a family of three. A man, woman and a little girl. They claim the family had died in the house by a fire. Now there spirits move about the mobile home thinking it is theirs and that they would like the young lady and her daughter to leave. The team of physics then went down to the barn. They immedaitley claim that there are nine spirits in the barn and that they appear to be evil. The nine spirits who haunt the barn are known to be of the male gender.

The resolution of the physics is to cleanse the property and to have the spirits move on. She claims that the team of physics held a ritual and declared the property clean.

She remembers that for three days everything seemed to be fine. It was then on the fourth day that not only did the activities continue but they became violent. She reports pictures again being tossed from the walls. Her car outside in the driveway began to violently shake back and forth. She remembers the car shaking so much that she could hear it from her living room. There were loud noises of vibration throughout the mobile home. She remembers calling her father during one of the episodes. He had raced over to her house but everything stopped the minute he pulled up. He ended up staying the night. The next day she had called the physics back and explained to them what was happening. They had returned the next day. They went down to the barn and immediately came back to the house and told her that the best thing to do at this point would be to move. It was a couple of days later that she had packed her things and moved the mobile home off the property to a new location and has experienced nothing since.

Since the young lady and her daughter had moved off the property a new tenant had moved on bringing with them a mobile home. The mobile sits in the same spot as the other did. Ken had contacted the new tenant but she refuses to be interviewed and claims that she had experienced nothing.

Later that week, Ken had contacted the owner of the property and Sanity Check Paranormal Investigators was granted access to the barn and the old house and was given permission to perform an investigation.

On September 6th 2008 Sanity Check Paranormal Investigators arrived at the property at approximently 9:00 p.m. The weather was damp with periods of rain showers. There was a heavy fog on the ground. The team consisted of eight members, Ken, Dan, Steve, Christy, Brian, Nancy, Melissa and Deb. The team was equipped with digital cameras, emf detectors and digital audio recorders. The team proceeded to head down to the barn.

Throughout the investigation in the barn, the rain had began to make noises on the roof, walls and surrounding fixtures. It made it difficult to relate any noises to the paranormal. After several hours in the barns there were no personal experiences and later found nothing on photos or any audio. The team had then split up sending Steve, Dan and Melissa up to the old house while the other stayed down in the barn.

The house was old and battered showing some signs of the fire that ended her days. Many photos were taken in home. Steve had decided to walk down to the cellar of the house for some photos and curiousity. He soon came back up and they joined the rest of the team in the barn. Later, Ken, Nancy and Christy went up to the house and did a walk through with cameras and audio.

At approximently midnight, the team departed the property and headed home.

Later the team began to go through all the evidence.

No personal experiences were felt in the house by any of the team members. However, later going the evidence, Steve had caught an “evp” on his recorder. It was when he went down to the cellar. You can hear Steve talk and then you hear a deep male voice almost as to growl. It appears to be saying——-. The team had documented the evidence and made a final report of the investigation and has closed the case.

Sanity Check Paranormal Investigators will possibly be returning to the property for a follow up investigation.


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